Sunday, June 8, 2008

Drow Soulknife's Gauntlet

This shadowsilk glove is covered in arcane sigils. It confers umbral combat ability upon its owner. The wearer's Mind Blade and Mind Blade Enhancement abilities are treated as a soulknife of four levels higher. If the character is not a soulknife, he gains the Mind Blade ability as a 4th level umbragen soul knife.

If donned by a character with the Free Draw and Shape Mind Blade soulknife abilities, the gauntlet reduces the time required to reshape a mind blade to a move action.

Moderate metacreativity; CL 11th; Craft Universal Item, Fabricate, Greater Psionic or Graft Weapon, Keen Edge, Psionic, must be an umbragen; Price 19,500 gp; Weight -.

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