Friday, June 6, 2008

Campaign Synopsis - The Scion Elite

The campaign starts in the year 998 YK, two years since the Treaty of Thronehold and four years since the destruction of Cyre/The Mournlands. The Scion Elites are the last of the Free Companies of Cyre. Since their formation as Queen Mishaan's honor guard over 150 years ago, the Scion Elites served faithfully as Cyre's principle elite armed force for until its destruction in the cataclysm of 996. While most of the company was decimated during the fall of Cyre the corps' remaining soldiers reformed the unit and brought many survivors, mutants, and mercenaries into its fold. With no kingdom to protect the corp has turned into a mercenary army, fighting for whoever can afford them and dreaming of the day they can restore the glory of Cyre!

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